Alumni & University

CGA Child Sponsorship program ends once a student finishes secondary school. Yet, we still have a long-term vested interest and love for each student. We desire to see them succeed in life. We pray they become Christian leaders in their communities, gain jobs in every profession, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty for their families. Many CGA Alumni have been able to continue their education in universities, college, and technical schools around Kenya. Many also return to volunteer at CGA and be active in the ministry. These alumni have also started their own Alumni group that meets regularly and looks for way to keep all of the alumni connected with each other and the ministry. 

In 2013, CGA launched a Post-Secondary Scholarship to provide opportunities for more CGA Alumni to continue their education. Different from the secondary school sponsorship, the post-secondary program is a scholarship in which students must complete an application process, including an interview by an outside panel. The scholarship recipients are selected based on their community service, leadership ability and academic potential.