To Impart The Truth of Jesus and To Transform Lives

At the heart of everything we do at Christ's Gift Academy, we desire to share the saving grace of the Gospel with our students, staff, teachers and care givers (widows, parents and guardians). By providing a quality education with social and emotional support to a community's most vulnerable children, we pray that Jesus' love will be evident through the words and deeds of the CGA ministry and that individual lives will be transformed.

Our mission is at the core of the daily teaching and the academic schedule. Each school day begins with a time of prayer and devotion. Weekly Chapel provides an opportunity for Biblical teaching and praise and worship. We pray that the biggest impact comes from the relationships developed within CGA. Our teachers and staff are held to Biblical integrity and good moral conduct; as are our students. We desire to see Christian character developed in these children so that they will take the authority of God’s Kingdom to every domain of life in Kenya.  

We seek to live out our mission on a daily basis so that our vision can be carried out in our students' lives.


To See God's Kingdom Come to Kenya through the Lives of these Children